Whimsical Series


The Karesh Mirrors Unlimited Whimsical Series adds a subtle levity and wit to the décor without sacrificing style or sophistication.
Indulge your creative whims or consult one of our professional designers for a look that is completely unique.

Whimsical: Tiles Small

Custom match tiles for a look that is decidedly pulled together. Ideal for full-length doors, designer baths, porches, kitchens and other rooms with tile accents or in need of a splash of color.

      Choose your own colors and patterns:
Whimsical: Tiles Solo
Whimsical: Tiles Large
Whimsical: Tiles Pattern
Whimsical: Tiles Oval
Whimsical: Tiles Red

Whimsical: Glass Bubble

With mitered corners or squared (shown), the Glass Bubble is lively and modern.

Whimsical: Glass Marbella

Select the glass of your choice to finish the mirror with a distinctive frame.

Whimsical: Glass Reeded

Combine a glass frame with accent pieces for a personal touch. Note the unique 1" 3-dimensional glass frame

Whimsical: Cork

We can create a mirror frame with any material you choose to feature a vocation, hobby or simply a style (Material shown: Cork — perfect for the wine enthusiast)

Whimsical: Dominos

Mirrors Unlimited will even add a Whimsical border to your existing mirror.

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